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        主題:Unsuccessful Industrial Chemical Processes - Teaching the realities to Researchers and Practitioners



        主講人:加拿大蒙特利爾理工學院Jamal Chaouki教授

        Prof. Chaouki is full professor from 1995 at Polytechnique, Montréal. He has supervised more than 120 researchers. He published more than 400 reviewed articles in refereed journals and in different reviewed proceedings, and more than 450 other scientific articles as well as edited 6 books. He has more than 22 patents on different processes. He is now editor of the Chemical Product and Process Modeling. He is also the director of te Biorefinery Center and a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He has co-chaired 10 International Conferences including the 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering 2009, where he has acted as technical director. He is also a member of the 10th World CChE 2017, and he was the president of the Fluidization 15th Int. Conf. He is now supervising 30 researchers (15 Ph.Ds, 5 PDFs, 5 MScA, 4 research associates and 1 researcher). He is a member of the Board of the Ecole Polytechnique and several companies. He is a world-renowned consultant for at least 20 national and international companies. He has created 6 start-ups with his students: Formmat Tech. Inc., Shopmedia Inc., Pyrowave Inc, Ecolomondo, RMTech and GoldRecyc. He is Principal Chaire Holder of NSREC-Total Group in hydrodynamic modeling of multiphase processes at extreme conditions. His work is mainly dedicaded to develop processes from waste, biomass and complex feedstocks to heat & power, fuels and chemicals.

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